We tailor your evening under the stars to suit your interests and age groups

After a brief discussion we plan your astronomy tour.

Your group will receive a detailed presentation that includes fun filled facts about the earth and its seasons, the earth's 3 moons (yes believe it or not), our solar system and its planets. Did you know Saturn and Jupiter combined have over 130 moons?

You'll be guided around the night sky by laser pointer, past the planets and onward to the edge of the known universe.

And to cap it off everyone will get to view through our portable mobile telescope (weather permitting and depending on what's in our night sky at the time).

And all of this is at YOUR location. We come to you.

Is it a coincidence that the moon exactly covers the sun to cause an eclipse?


Orion's Belt when overlaid with the Giza pyramids are in the same alignment!


Hubble Telescope deep field view of a very small section of the Milky Way the size of your fingernail with 3000 galaxies!



To enjoy an evening where the fun is in the experience

Milky Way Tours provide intimate friendly evenings (obviously) tailored to suit your own particular group.

Family affairs, extended groups of family and friends in the back yard, small clubs, and school science project events.

Displays of the Globe in action, how the seasons work and the earth rotates, explained so even Dad will understand. Throw in a high powered portable mobile telescope and personal interaction delivered in simple language and you have an evening to remember.

Make it a picnic or a back yard barbecue, or keep it formal. Anything goes.



There is an amazing volume of information about the planets and stars and this is how our astronomer Greg got involved.

At a very early age Greg was introduced to astronomy while living in a convent in Queensland. He found himself looking through a telescope with the Nuns and wondered what those little dots in the sky were. 


Over the years, visiting observatories, the night sky became an obsession, which led to listening to lectures and studying NASA's information. He visited the Cape Canaveral Space Centre, in the USA, where he absorbed the latest research and viewed photos taken through the Hubble telescope. He was mind-blown and has since dedicated his evenings to educating and exciting his tour guests on the night sky and how the solar system works.

For a jam-packed session of fun and facts, call Greg
on 0481 833305 (obligation free).